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Our Fit

There is such a thing as too much stuff. Our thinking is, if you have the right objects in your life, you need fewer of them, so you can travel light and get on with the good stuff. That’s what we strive for, with clothes designed and manufactured to honor craftsmanship and fit.

But fit is a funny thing. It’s even funnier once you start poking around the history of the US sizing chart and find out, no one knows where most of the standards clothing companies use even came from— let alone if they’re accurate.

Throw in vanity sizing and you might as well just guess. Which, it turns out, is exactly what clothing companies do.

They get the measurements for a medium off of a size chart, make a single sample, then assume that say, a small goes down two inches in every direction, a large goes up, and then they get to manufacturing. It’s a lot of math and very few humans.

When we built EIGHT + SAND, we wanted to do so with intention, not guessing, so we scrapped orthodox protocols of sizing and made our own.

So we measured real people, by hand, to find out how the body presents in all its diversity. Then we sewed samples for every object we make, for every size, and adjusted measurements for every single one. We cannot find a single other company doing this. Because, well, it’s maybe the biggest time-suck on the planet; the results differed for every item, every desired fit. What it came down to was the measurements of each body specifically, so every item we manufacture has it own sizing chart. Now you can do better than make a guess and say a prayer.

And in the world of well-tailored clothes, things still start right where they have for thousands of years: measuring the body. We’ve made it really easy for you to do the same. Just login and select the “My Measurements” tab in your profile to take and record yours. We’ll hold onto them for you for whenever you’re here.

Take your measurements

Now here’s the ask. We want you to relate to shopping a little differently. We’re asking you to slow the process down a bit, to take a minute to familiarize yourself with what we do and who you are— to take your own measurements for more of a custom fit, and in so doing, think a little harder about the objects you buy and how they’ll fit you and your lifestyle well. We’re asking you to buy slower, more thoughtfully, and with intention, even if it isn’t with us. Insodoing, we’re hoping we’ll be able to collectively reduce the amount of returns and exchanges zooming across the globe at any given moment, leaving deep carbon footprints behind them.