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Our Story

We're a product of where we're from.

We grew up around heirlooms that lasted for decades, simple objects in our family homes that had weathered a couple generations already and were still going strong: a tough mixing bowl, a thick wool coat, a hearty waxed bag.

We liked that.

It made us feel connected to something. It made us honor the people whose craftsmanship meant a sweater might have fifty years worth of good stories tied up in it. It made us proud to be able to wear things well and pass them on.

We liked that materials too were honored— nothing easily gotten, nothing easily wasted.

That tradition - honorable making - has been missing from American culture for a good long while now.

But it's also coming back. We like that too.

And we wanted to be a part of helping it come back.

So we quit our desk jobs to find out what makes beautiful, enduring objects possible.

It's been a journey.

It turns out that making well is about so much more than making things. It's about making trips and friends and hard decisions. It's about supporting communities and environments in a real way, not just a marketing way, and that means sacrificing profit for quality and ethics.

And it's about taking small details very seriously, from the cut of cloth to the durability of thread to the way elbows wear on the perfect sweatshirt.

We're so proud to share with you the results of that effort: fine-hewn, beautifully crafted and made for the long road.

Our Craft

We make the very best clothes we can with the best materials available. For us, this means superior, ethically-sourced fabrics, subtle cuts and precision sizing, and obsessive attention to the art of making.

To start, we do not manufacture anything until the fabric has come to us first, where we put it through all kinds of abuse to determine its durability and care requirements. Once we're satisfied that the material is durable, comfortable, and unique enough for what we have in mind, we work with small, family-owned, American manufacturers where workers are respected and well-compensated.

Our fabrics, zippers, buttons, and other objects of the trade are sourced ethically, which often means they come from here in the US, but not always. In the event that US-made materials are of poor quality or just don't exist, we source from places like England, France, Japan, Italy and Spain. We do not, and will never source from countries we feel cannot, because of their labor conditions, be trusted to supply an ethical product.

Our Name

We spend a lot of time on the road between our home cities of Oakland and Austin, between those people who sew and cut and weave the things that make our designs possible. And we know what it means to need good things while you're at it, mostly because it's always been hard for us to find things that live up to the kind of travel and motion we like to call normal.

In the old train yards of the American west, conductors often met between long rides. We don't know what they did, but we imagine they shared a story or two, maybe a drink— anyway we do know what they said as they'd part ways for another journey.

They'd touch hands and say, 'Eight and Sand.'

That's eight for a wide-open throttle and sand on the rails to ensure a smooth ride.

To say it meant a kind of godspeed. To say it meant, ‘I hope you get where you're going and have what you need.'

We feel the same way, so we make it our business to make sure you do.